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The Book Lab is a collaborative space and we are happy to showcase the research, publications, and experiments of our members alongside our Lab's work. If you are a member actively participating in a project related to the interests of the Book Lab, contact us below so we can share your work with the rest of the Lab!

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2024 NEH "Humanities Initiatives" Grant

Creating an Indiana University Book Studies Minor

Our project is to develop a cross-disciplinary, undergraduate minor in Book Studies, a broad field that includes book history, manuscript studies, text and page design, fabrication and conservation, and books as material culture. In addition to the rigorous training of a traditional book studies program, we aim to take advantage of the current pedagogical shift toward experiential learning in and for interdisciplinary humanities teaching. Our proposed undergraduate minor thus contributes to the further development of “experimental humanities” programs on the Bloomington campus, with a particular emphasis on immersive undergraduate experiences. In particular, we combine the collaborative, lab-based techniques familiar in the proliferation of makerspaces with more conventional archival research and teaching on the materiality of books and manuscripts in historical, trans-historical, and cross-cultural perspectives.

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