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Courses on The Book

Fall 2021 Courses

COLL-S 103 - Ad Fontes - Elizabeth Hebbard

ARTH-A 280 - The Art of the Comic Strip - Andrei Molotiu

SOAD-S 490 - Advanced Topics in Photography: Bookmaking - Yara Cluver

SOAD-S 590 - Graduate Topics in Photography: Bookmaking - Yara Cluver

ILS-Z 584 - Manuscripts - Ava Dickerson & Erika Dowell

ILS-Z 680 - The Book to 1450 - Lori Dekydtspotter

MEST-M 650 - Manuscript Cultures - Staff

Featured Fall 2021 Course: Bookmaking


The purpose of this course is to expose you to artists’ books as a form for visual/verbal expression through a vast array of physical structures. The twentieth century produced
many types of books in which verbal texts and visual materials interacted in different ways of book production. These continue to involve the materials and structures of traditional and experimental bookmaking, in which the very format conveys and emphasizes the book’s concept. Besides acquainting you with the tradition of artists’ books as these have evolved post 1945, I will teach you the techniques
involved in book making and encourage you to explore this medium so that you learn to express your ideas through inventive constructions combined with engaging layout. This course allows you to explore alternative means to critically represent ideas about subjects in which you are interested.

Image: Storyteller, by Ian Martin


Spring 2022: Upcoming Courses

CMLT-C 343 - Literature and Politics: Banned Books - Michael Weinman

ENGL-L 208 - The Book Lab - Patricia Ingham

HIST-J 400 - Seminar in History: History of Books and Other Media - Fei Hsien Wang

ILS-Z 604 - Comic Books and Their Readers - John Walsh

ILS-Z 681 - The Book 1450 to the Present - Rebecca Baumann

ILS-Z 683 - Reference Sources for Rare Books - Joel Silver

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